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Returning to 立博体育登录 after a Hospitalization or Medical Leave of Absence



Any student who is hospitalized or takes a medical leave of absence while enrolled at 立博体育登录 must meet with 学生发展 for a re-entry conversation to discuss resuming their studies. Students may not resume their academic coursework or register for future courses until the re-entry conversation with 学生发展 occurs.


There are two forms required for you to submit prior to scheduling your medical re-entry conversation.

  1. Your 麻省湾学生医疗再入表. 你可以在网上提交这份表格.
  2. Your 医疗保健提供者医疗再入表. 你必须打印这张表格, 由您的医疗保健提供者完成吗, 然后上传到网上.

If we need additional information we will contact you at your 立博体育登录 e-mail. 一旦我们有了所有需要的文件, we will contact you via e-mail to schedule your re-entry conversation.



When the College is first informed of the student’s hospitalization, the College will place a medical “hold” on the student’s registration, 等待学生的重新进入对话. Throughout the process, the highest level of confidentiality will be maintained.

What does the medical re-entry process look like?

When a student feels well enough to return to classes they will be asked to fill out a form for themselves and they will also be asked to have their medical provider fill out a form relating to the student’s readiness to return to classes. Only when both forms have been completed and submitted can the medical re-entry conversation be scheduled.

Who can fill out my 医疗保健提供者医疗再入表?

Any licensed healthcare provider familiar with your case may complete the form. This includes your primary care provider, hospital staff, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.


All medical Re-Entry conversations take place virtually or face-to-face and include the student, a representative from the Dean of Students office, and a representative from 立博体育登录 counseling services. The purpose of this meeting is to review resources and offer a holistic approach to the students return to classes, 它并不是要成为一个障碍. These conversations are usually scheduled for 30 minutes and are used to evaluate a student’s readiness to return to classes.


Medical re-entry conversations are designed to be interactive with the student and 学生发展 staff. If the student would like somebody to join them for the conversation, they may, but the student must complete a release for each individual that will be on the conversation and submit it prior to the conversation. Please keep in mind that while someone may join the student for the conversation, the student must be the one engaging in dialogue with 学生发展 staff. 您可以访问 FERPA豁免表格 here and can send it to the student Development Staff member assisting you with the process.


You can contact the 学生发展 Office at 781-239-3142 or at