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The Division of 健康科学 (DHS) has established the health and safety documentation requirements based on the following guidelines:

  • Massachusetts immunization requirements for health students
  • 临床附属机构要求
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for health care personnel.

New 健康科学 students must submit all required documentation by the published deadline, which will be either on or before the first day of the first semester of their respective program.  The immunizations required for 健康科学 students are broader than those required of 一般的研究 students. Therefore, students who submitted immunization records to the Office of 学生发展 while enrolled in 一般的研究 courses will still need to submit required documents as 健康科学 students.

We recommend that individuals who are considering a 健康科学 program start gathering immunization records right away.

Click here for the comprehensive list of requirements:

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To monitor student compliance with documentation requirements and readiness to attend clinical assignments, the Division of 健康科学 uses an online document tracking system from a company called Viewpoint Screening.

在进入健康科学课程后, the student will receive instructions on how to set up an account on the Viewpoint Screening website, 上传和保存免疫记录, 基本生命支持提供者CPR, 以及其他文档. Students are expected to create their Viewpoint account within two weeks of receiving these instructions. The account can be accessed online or through a mobile app. All required documentation must be submitted and approved by Viewpoint for a student to keep their seat in the 健康科学 program. Students must keep their immunization and health screenings up-to-date throughout the program. 


Any DHS student whose course-work or clinical placement activity requires direct access to children, elderly, patients, 或残疾或其他高危人群, 必须提交背景调查. The purpose of the criminal history checks is to ensure public safety and avoid unacceptable risk to vulnerable populations.  Students must clear these criminal history checks in order to participate in 健康科学 programs. If there is a finding of criminal convictions or “open cases,” the student will be ineligible to participate in the 健康科学 Program.  There are three types of checks: CORI, SORI and Supplemental/National.

CORI and SORI — The student completes the necessary forms to authorize a search of Massachusetts records for past criminal or sexual offenses known as CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) and SORI (Sex Offender Registry Information), and will be asked to show their government-issued photo identification (driver’s license/state ID/U.S. Passport). The CORI and SORI completion process occurs at new student orientations at the beginning of 健康科学 programs, 此后每年一次.

补充/国家县记录检索 — When 健康科学 students create their online account with Viewpoint, they will order their supplemental background check. This background check includes Social Security Verification, 居住的历史, 县犯罪记录, 性犯罪者登记处, 医疗保健欺诈和滥用, and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Exclusions.